As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re investing in new ways for our streamers to build successful communities on Mixer. In the next few days, you’ll start to see the Direct Purchase feature with Mixer partners; expect it to roll out widely across the platform in the coming months.

Mixer Direct Purchase

We consistently hear from gamers that what motivates new game purchases are streamers’ content and recommendations. For many of us, watching a game stream is the best way to discover new games to enjoy or just to see what an older game is all about for the first time. Streamers often recommend games and DLC to their audiences, and we support rewarding them for purchases made based on their recommendation and gameplay. That’s the goal of Mixer Direct Purchase.

When a streamer activates Direct Purchase, their viewers will be able to buy the game or DLC they’re streaming right from their channel page. The entire purchase happens within Mixer, without having to leave the stream to complete the transaction. Once purchased, the digital content is automatically added to the buyer’s Xbox or Windows 10 game library where they can then download at their own convenience. No separate codes or tokens required. At launch, streamers will earn 5% for every purchase that happens on their channel. Remember – you’re supporting your favorite streamers by purchasing games through Mixer!

Of course, there will be plenty of promotional options for streamers. Every game title that’s in Microsoft Store will be available (including Xbox, Windows 10 & Xbox Play Anywhere games and DLC). Streamers will have the ability to select whether they want to promote the base game, a specific edition (Deluxe, Definitive, Collectors, etc.), or individual content (DLC, Packs, etc.). All of this is can be adjusted in the “Manage Channel” section of the Account Settings.

As always, feedback on Direct Purchase is incredibly important to us. Our goal is to make Mixer a place where streamers can be successful playing the games they love. Mixer Direct Purchase represents the first of many steps we’re making over the coming months towards that goal.

Excited for Mixer Direct Purchase or have a suggestion? Let us know what you think via Twitter via @WatchMixer and for any Feedback head on over to!