Cougar Puri TKL


  • CHERRY MX MECHANICAL SWITCHES: The original mechanical switches from Germany are also the best on the market. Cherry switches bring you the response and reliability you want.
  • MAGNETIC PROTECTIVE COVER: No cloth or mesh pouches here: to truly protect your keyboard both at home and on the go, you need a solid cover.
  • EXTRA SET OF METAL KEYCAPS: Enjoy an unparalleled feel of quality and strength thanks to these metallic keycaps.
  • BACKLIGHT EFFECTS (20 PRESET + 10 CUSTOMIZABLE): Start enjoying twenty preset modes that cover the most commonly needed patterns (uniform, wave, breathing, etc.) and ten modes for you to customize!
  • The Cougar One-Year Limited Warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty.



With Cherry switches, a 1ms response time and customizable backlight as well as a protective magnetic cover, COUGAR Puri TKL is a highly portable advanced tool for gamers that excels at FPS competitive gaming.

It is a mechanicl keyboard with Cherry MX switches, which gives you a level of input accuracy that membrane or knock-off mechanical switches simply can’t bring to you. Apart from perfoming well, they also feel far better than other switches and give you a clear feedback every time you press a key.

The fact that it is compact, light and has a magnetic cover means that, unlike our competitors, it is actually portable without having to spend more money in a keyboard protective bag. You can just put it in your backpack and go to an event, your friend’s house or wherever you want to knowing that you’ll still enjoy the high quality mechanical input PURI TKL brings.


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