Gamer Goo Triple Pack


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Gamers are notoriously indecisive (I don’t know if that’s true, but I am – stay with me here). Which snacks to nom? I mean, pizza’s always a good choice until the grease sinks into the console buttons. Which energy drink to chug? Which GAME? Adventure + heavy plot or pure chaos + light plot? And the trickiest part: Which Gamer Goo to pick? Peppermint is clean and invigorating, orange is light and inviting, cinnamon is warm and spicy. 3 different scents, 3 different moods. That’s why the Gamer Goo Triple Pack comes in handy – gaming environments change, people change their minds. So pick your Gamer Goo starter and get ready for battle. The GG Triple Pack is your new teammate.

Use code “PMB” at checkout!


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